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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Health fitness software

Health and Fitness Software is a kind of software that assesses and/or advices the user about his general health and/or fitness status. It can range from simple dictionaries, to more complicated testing types. Usually more complicated Health and Fitness Software is propriety, and close-code. Simple software are more or so often so open-source, this usually include BMI calculators.
Health and Fitness Software is in a boom thanks to the revolutionary “smart” technology which includes smart phones, and more recently, smart watches. Such devices have the processing power, and capability to have sensors to be able to assess a user’s health status. This may be the innovation medical professional have been waiting for.

Health and Fitness Software does not only cover “test and assess” but also covers data. Vital real-time data that can help medical professionals determine the general status of their patients without seeing the patient personally. It can do wonders when slaved remotely over a network. Health and Fitness Software are often coupled with specialized hardware, and may not be available to the general public.
A vast majority of Health and Fitness Software are usually Information Management Systems, meaning they manage information, making it easier for users to generate reports, view charts, and automate standards. The faster relevant information gets to the user, the faster the user can react.
As such Health and Fitness Software, at the moment, still require input from the user.  In this perspective, it is called Health Informatics instead.  Health and Fitness Software is a particularly new field in which may be hard to categorized to those who are unfamiliar with it.
So to differentiate things, Fitness software focuses more on, of course, getting lean and mean. Most commercial fitness programs include both exercise and dieting, and a lot of related calculators such as calorie burn, RNA, RDA. Some programs even include exercise and food planners.
Health Software is more serious and complex. It covers a lot of things such as Bio Surveillance, Practice Management, Electronic Health Records, Health System Management, Imaging, and Information Systems.
Health and Fitness Software could either be LAN or Web Based. It’s present in UNIX, LINUX, and Windows Platforms. BioLinux, Debian-Med, and Ubuntu-Med are specialized out of the box distributions.
Most recently Health and Fitness Software have made its way into mobile phones, particularly Smartphone’s.
Speaking of Smartphones, Google recently launched Google Fit. It’s something that supposedly cross checks your health data such as temperature, across similar devices. Apple launched a similar app a month before Google did, and it’s called “Health Kit”. Samsung is also planning to release a similar application.
With the increasing density of biosensors in wearable interfaces, the inevitable rise of even smarter Health and Fitness Software is coming. This generation might be able to know their health status real time without even going to a hospital.

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