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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Health fitness expose

Health and Fitness Expos are exhibitions, an organized presentation and display of selected items about Health and Fitness related items and/or services. Exhibitions happen at different times and could be local, regional, national or international. Expos may happen regularly or once in a lifetime. A selection of major expositions is discussed herein. 

  • Health and Fitness Business Expo: An annual Health and Fitness expo started in 1997. It has brought manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, buyers, press, industry influencers and fitness professionals together to conduct the business of fitness. It has recently been houses in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.
  • Rock n Roll Marathon Series: Rock and Roll usually holds one to two day Health and Fitness Expos. These expos often happen before the marathon itself. Rock n Roll holds hosts many marathons yearly.
  • NBC Health and Fitness Expo: The National Broadcasting Corporation conducts expos in conjunction with local medical, health, and fitness businesses. A notable example is the NBC 4 Washington, and New York Health Expo.
  • BMC Health and Fitness Expo: A Boston based expo. Boston Medical Center primarily sponsors this event.  Though not really a big event, it offers free medical checkups and screenings. It is held in cooperation with NBC 7.
  • Australian Fitness and Health Expo: It is the largest Health and Fitness Expo in the southern hemisphere. It is associated with the Fitness Industry Convention. Two other expos exist in Australia, the Brisbane, and Adelaide Fitness and Health Expos.
  • FIBO: The leading international trade show for Fitness, Wellness, and Health. It brings hundreds of industry participants, and thousands of enthusiasts every April. It is noteworthy for adding Wellness exhibits which features hotels and restaurants.

Health and Fitness Expos are often filled with the latest in equipment, and techniques. These are exhibited in booths, or in exhibition areas. A detailed floor plan about the venue is available for prospective exhibitors prior to registration Exhibitors are usually industry participants such as fitness centers, equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers. A detailed list of exhibitors are available online or onsite.
Participants are often encouraged to register beforehand. Participants are not at all fitness enthusiasts.
Competitions are also part of Health and Fitness Expos, and so as demonstrations. Demonstrations are there to prove, or to convince prospective customers about the effectiveness of their product. Competitions may be major, just for fun, or just there as a demonstration of a product. 

Sponsorships of these events are done by media companies, medical institutions, fitness professionals, retailers, and distributors. Sports Teams may also sponsor such events.  Organizing a Health and Fitness Expo may be done by a sponsor itself, or by an independent organizer. The usual venues for these events can be as large as convention centers, stadiums, or as small as a gymnasium.

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