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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Gainesville Health Fitness

Gainesville Health and Fitness is a Fitness Club originating in Gainesville, Florida. It has 3 centers, 5 training regimes, 3 membership plans, and 5 programs.
Gainesville Health and Fitness Training include Personal Training, CrossFit, Small Group, Edge, and Pilates.
Enrolling in Gainesville Health and Fitness Training gives a member 5 training options:

    • Personal Training: This training is available in 1-on-1, Express, and Semi-Private. All of these a particularly different from one another. Each training have different durations, routines, and goals.
    • Small Group Training: A training option that will have you burning calories and blasting fat. It is obviously catered to small groups. It uses rowers to jumpbox and more. Prices range from 59 USD to 149 USD monthly.
    • CrossFit : CrossFit is available at Gainesville Health and Fitness Tioga.  It is a mix of high intensity camaraderie and competition. CrossFit is the primary conditioning program for many Police, Military, and other elite and professional athletes worldwide.  Prices range from 59 USD to 129 USD per month.
    • Pilates: Body Awareness, Flexibility, and Strength are the main benefits of this training. It is seemingly marketed towards small groups of women. Prices range from 69 USD to 179 USD per month.
    • Edge: Gainesville Health and Fitness offers an obstacle and tactical training program. This primarily outdoors training which includes obstacles, and challenges. If you feel like an operator, you may opt for the tactical training. Tactical does not only enhance your physical fitness, but also your mental toughness.  Leadership and Teamwork is also put to the test in this training. Prices range from 59 USD to 129 USD per month.
There are 5 programs that can be enrolled in Gainesville Health and Fitness, and each program has its respective trainings:
    • Fitness Program: Programs include Weight Loss, Arthritis Fitness, Back Pain Recovery, Group Exercise Classes, Cardio Exercise, and Strength Training. 
    • Sport Activities: Gainesville Health and Fitness offers a variety of indoor and outdoor sports. These include Obstacle Race Training, Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Cycling, Sports Performance, and Gold Fit.
    • Just for Families: Gainesville Health and Fitness has its kids club. It also offers Kids Fitness and Free Teen Gym Membership every summer.
    • Resort Activities: Not exactly a program, but is rather what kind of leisurely actives can be done in a center. Note mentioning is its smoothie bars, and a library.
    • Physical Therapy: Apparently, ReQuest can be requested, or actually performs Physical Therapy onsite Gainesville Health and Fitness centers.

Gainesville Health and Fitness has three centers; two are located in Gainesville itself, and one in nearby Newberry. The Main Center is surprisingly open for 24 hours. Gainesville Health and Fitness also operates a Women’s Center which even has its own free babysitting service. The last center, Tioga is marketed as “Where Fitness and Luxury Meet.” Pilates and CrossFit trainings are found in this center.

As for membership, Gainesville Health and Fitness offers 24 month VIP membership, 12 month LTD membership, and month-to-month membership. Gainesville Health and Fitness offers family membership discounts.

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