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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

First Health Fitness- Make Perfect Fitness Ownself

Fitness First is the largest privately owned health club in the world. It has 1435 clubs in 115 areas in 21 countries. It has 80 clubs in the United Kingdom alone. Andy Cosslett is the current CEO. Fitness First has a range of different products and services, which are discussed briefly below:

  • Group Training or Freestyle Group Training (FGT) is a combination of three-dimensional training movements that will challenge your muscles to move you in a natural way. These classes are designed to improve your everyday movement ability.
  • Group Exercise Classes groups you with same-minded members.  It involves a wide range of exercises. Fitness First lets you book a class for your convenience.
  • Cardio Training strengthens your heart and lungs. It has interval workouts, and endurance exercises. This training helps to lower blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.
  • Strength Training shapes your body and burns fats.  This training seeks to improve your overall health while increasing your muscle and bone strength. Free weights or resistance machines are used in this Training.  Aside from machines, Fitness First Experts also give you further advice.
  • One-to-One Training is specifically tailored for individual fitness. With Fitness First expert advice, you are ensured to take most out of every workout.
  • Fitness First also advises you on matters Beyond the Gym. An expert team can advise you on the right nutritional balance and the best way to stay active outside the gym.

Fitness First Membership comes in 3 options, first is the “Full Access Multi Club” which allows a member to access any Fitness First club at any time. The second option, “Full Access Single Club” allows a member to use his home club any time. The last option, “Off Peak Access Single” allows a member to use his home club off peak hours. Membership Price and Peak Hours largely depend per Fitness First club. Fees normally range from 40 USD to 110 USD monthly. A prospective member can join online, by phone, are by walking in on the nearest Fitness First club.
In contrast on the usually single building clubs found in the UK, Fitness First Asia has their branches located on Grade A commercial buildings. Fitness First is also behind the worldwide “International Fitness Week” campaign. It also operates the “New You Achievement” Awards to highlight the progress of the members.
Fitness First is involved in a number of controversies. Such as cases where direct debit accounts are still debited after a member has cancelled their membership. A number of incidents are reported from Australia, including the 2009 Gym Trainer Attack, the 2008 case against a club member. Fitness First is also known, at least in Australia, to have the most aggressive psychological techniques in getting a customer to sign rather complicated contracts. 

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